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2020 Annual Election Information

2020 Annual Election Information

Voter, Town Meeting and Election Information

Elections and Town Meeting Dates - 2020

Following are the dates of elections and town meetings for 2020. If you are new to town, or you have never registered to vote, (you only have to do it once in the same community) please note the last day of voter registration for each event. Registration is easy… you can log onto and register online with a valid MA driver’s license. You can download the voter registration form at or you can stop by the Town Clerk’s office and register in person.

                            Date of Event  / Last Day Voter Registration

  • Tuesday, March 3rd State Presidential Primary / Wednesday, February 12th
  • Tuesday, March 31st North Andover Annual Election / Wednesday, March 11th
  • Tuesday, May 19th North Andover Annual Town Meeting / Wednesday, April 29th
  • Tuesday, September 1st State Primary / Wednesday, August 12th
  • Tuesday, November 3rd State Presidential Election / Wednesday, October 14th

Each last day voter registration deadline, the Town Clerk’s office is open from 8:00 AM –8:00 PM.

Please note – your voter registration does not travel with you from one Town / City / State. You must re-register in your new location.

Feel free to call the Town Clerk’s office if you would like to check your voter registration status or have  questions regarding the process.

Where Do I Vote?

  • All voters vote at

North Andover High School
430 Osgood Street
North Andover, MA 01845



  • Elections and the polls are open from 7:00 AM until 8:00 PM.


  • School is open and we ask that you try to avoid High School Traffic from 7:00 AM until 7:45 AM.


  • All schools are normally closed for November.


  • If you have moved within town or have come from another community, you must register to vote in North Andover. You may register to vote online as well.


  • You must be registered to vote 20 days prior to any Election or Town Meeting to be eligible. 

Register to Vote

Any person who is a Massachusetts resident, a United States citizen, and will be eighteen years old as of the next election, is eligible to register to vote. First time voters in Massachusetts must provide a copy of their identification if registering to vote by mail. If no ID is provided, they will be required to show proof of residency at the polling location on Election Day. When signing the registration form, you must attest, under the pains and penalties of perjury, that you are legally eligible to register and that the information you provide is accurate and truthful. The penalty for fraudulent registration increased recently to a fine of ten thousand dollars or imprisonment for up to five years, or both.

You will remain on the list of voters so long as you vote regularly and complete and return the annual municipal census. If you move to another city or town, you must re-register in your new community.

You may register to vote or check your voter status online via the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s online registration portal. Please be aware the voter registration deadlines still apply.

Within North Andover, voter registration forms are available at the Town Clerk’s OfficeStevens Memorial Library, and the North Andover Post Office.

In addition, branches of the state Registry of Motor Vehicles, social service agencies, and military recruitment offices provide voter registration services.

Be sure to register to vote if you have moved from another community. You should notify the Town Clerk’s Office of any address change.

When you register to vote you may choose to register in a state political party, select a political designation (become affiliated with a political organization which has not received party status in Massachusetts) or choose no affiliation and become unenrolled (commonly referred to as an independent).

If you choose to register with a political party, you will only be able to receive the ballot of the selected party in a primary election. Your registration status also affects your ability to run for office in a partisan election.

Registration Deadlines

Be aware that there are voter registration deadlines. You must register to vote at least twenty days before any Town or State election or the Presidential Primary. For additional information call the Town Clerk at (978) 688-9501.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Trudy Reid Town Clerk (978) 688-9501