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Stevens Estate at Osgood Hill

The Stevens Estate at Osgood Hill is one of the finest intact examples of the Aesthetic Design Movement of the late 1800's. Its serene, natural setting inspires and enriches visitors as it inspired the carpenters and masons whose craftsmanship still holds visitors in amazement today.

Inspired by Oscar Wilde's 1882 North American lecture tours on the subject of the Aesthetic Movement, the " House Beautiful" at Osgood Hill was designed as a dramatic acknowledgement of the philosophy of the famed playwright, poet genius and social commentator; that the vital intensity of the aesthetic experience is the paramount goal in human life, that art needs no justification and need not serve a moral purpose. The peaceful beauty of this setting, its rich natural landscapes and magnificently artful interiors are designed to be enjoyed as a few moments of catharsis from a busy world.

Built for Moses Stevens in 1886, the magnificent mansion and gardens were famed for the spectacular garden parties and events that attracted many hundreds of guests who worked for the Stevens textile mill empire up and down the east coast, and beyond. The library at Osgood Hill was designed to host to dinner parties, gatherings and vital conversations that would shape the world as we know it.

Today, the Stevens Estate at Osgood Hill is owned by the Town of North Andover and managed by Fireside Catering d/b/a The Webber Restaurant Group. A portion of the revenues generated from events are reinvested into the estate for restoration and repair of the mansion, estate buildings and grounds.

For inquiries, contact events@stevensestateevents.com or 781-738-0511

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