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Sustainability Committee

Recycling and Solid Waste

Sustainability Committee

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Green Schools Program-- Reduce food waste in our schools and incorporate composting of food scraps to promote sustainability for our children’s future. We recently received a school recycling grant from the MADEP that enables our district to begin lunchroom sorting to reduce their waste. Currently 4 of our 8 schools are composting at lunch, and the remaining 4 schools will roll out by the end of 2021. Students are sorting food waste and paper materials for composting, and learning how that can help the environment by reducing the amount of waste that would otherwise go into landfills, and instead becomes soil to be used to plant food. Please click on the North Andover Green Schools sidebar for more information.

Organize and promote our annual Town-Wide Clean-Up Day, which takes place at the end of April (**with the current COVID-19 situation we may move it to early June, we will update as information becomes available**). This event takes place out of the DPW (384 Osgood St.) where you can get outfitted with gloves, grabbers, and trash bags to help you (and your kids too!) clean up your favorite section of our town in celebration of Earth Day.

Promote rain barrel usage throughout the community in an effort to conserve water. We have an annual promotion beginning in February to order and pre-pay for your barrel from www.greatamericanrainbarrel.com but they are also available year-round. (Go to Community Programs and select North Andover). Barrels are as low as $64.00 during the promotion and are available for pick-up during our Town-Wide Cleanup event (**rain barrel pickups will likely still occur this day.  We will have the rain barrel outside waiting for you without having to come in close contact with anyone per the COVID-19 situation**). We typically display the barrels in late March/early April at the Stevens Memorial Library and Town Hall—go check one out!

Promote backyard composting by educating the community on the benefits of this waste reducing practice that will also help your gardens. Currently our Committee, along with the DPW, are doing a promotion selling the Earth Machine compost bin for only $25.00 plus tax. **If they are not currently available at the DPW, it is only because we need to order more and/or are waiting for a shipment. You can be put on a waiting list for this at the DPW. Click on the "Earth Machine Compost Bins" side bar on the left for more information.

Improve residential and commercial recycling participation in North Andover, including at Town Parks and on the streets of North Andover, as well as brainstorming on how to bring curbside or community composting to our residents in the future. Recycling and reusing is at the core of our mission, and we would love to hear your ideas on how we can promote greater participation throughout the community.

If you have any interest in helping out with any of these initiatives, please contact us at [email protected] or join us at our next monthly meeting (first Tuesday of every month at the Town Hall). It’s a great way to become involved with the community and help make a positive impact on North Andover’s environmental footprint.

Also, please look for us at upcoming North Andover festivals this spring and summer. We look forward to meeting you!

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