Chapter 115 Benefits

Massachusetts General Laws (M.G.L ch. 115), Financial Assistance  


Contact us to find out if you are eligible.

What is Chapter 115? Under Chapter 115 of Massachusetts General Laws (M.G.L ch. 115), the Commonwealth provides a uniform program of financial and medical assistance for veterans and their dependents. Qualifying veterans and their dependents receive necessary financial assistance for food, shelter, clothing, fuel and medical care in accordance with a formula that takes into account the number of dependents and income from all sources.
Current Income Limit
      Single   $2,023.00
      Married $2,743.00
Current Asset Limit
      Single   $5,000
      Married $9,800

How do I find out if I'm eligible?
Find out if you are eligible by contacting us (if you live in North Andover or Boxford), or by contacting the Veteran Service Officer for the town in which you live (click here to find your Veterans Service Officer) and asking to apply for Chapter 115 benefits. Eligible veterans and/or their family members must meet certain income criteria and their military experience must meet the Commonwealth's requirements.

Are these benefits taxable?
Chapter 115 benefits are not taxable income. You must report this income when applying for or renewing subsidized housing applications, Section 8 applications, and SNAP applications. 

Is there a residency requirement?
You must apply for Chapter 115 in the town in which you reside.  Each town in the Commonwealth has a Veteran Service Officer . For a listing of Veteran Service Officers by town please click here.