Donation Directory/Beyond the Bin

This directory provides options for disposing of items no longer useful to you. Check out the listing, and see who can make good use of your household items, electronic equipment, and more! If you don't see what you're looking for on this list, check out Beyond the Bin to see if your item can be recycled here.

If you have any creative ideas to add, or if you believe the information is out-of-date, please contact the Sustainability Committee.



Book, hard and soft cover

Please bring gently used books, CD's, DVD's or videos to the drop off box located at the Recycle Center on 210 Holt RD. All hard & soft covered books:
  • Must be in good shape and not moisture damaged.
  • Must be kept dry.
Books may also be left at the Stevens Memorial Library at any time for twice a year book sales to benefit the library.

St. Michael's School also has a drop box.

Inkjet and Laser Printer Cartridges

Collected at St. Michael's School and redeemed for cash or technology merchandise through a program called Funding Factory.
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  • Salvation Army, Saugus -- area rugs only; they must be vacuumed, rolled and tied; no rips tears, holes, stains, or fraying. Pick up is available, call to schedule: (781) 231-0803
  • Salvation Army, Haverhill -- area rugs and carpet; must be vacuumed, rolled and tied; no rips tears, holes, stains, or fraying. This is a drop-off facility. Address: 132 Merrimack Street, Haverhill. Phone: (978) 374-7355
  • Lazarus House accepts carpet and rugs. 22 Union Street, Lawrence. Phone: (978) 557-5449. Call to schedule pickup, and be aware that during busy times they may be scheduling two weeks out.
  • Mission of Deeds -- this Reading organization works with local social services to identify the needs of families in their community, satisfies those needs with donated items and are listed several times in this directory. They accept carpet and rugs; must be clean and in good condition. There is no pick up service in North Andover. Address: 6 Chapin Avenue, Reading. Hours of operation 9am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.
Cell Phones

Verizon collects your old phones, along with any accessories, reprograms them and makes them available to women who have been victims of domestic violence for emergency calls. 

Collected at St. Michael School and redeemed for cash or technology merchandise through a program called Funding Factory.

Clothing, wearable
  • St. Vincent DePaul drop off box at Saint Michael Church, Water Street, North Andover 
  • Or Knights of Columbus, Sutton Street
  • My Fathers House, 83 Middlesex Street, Chelmsford (978) 251-8191
  • Planet Aid boxes located at the Recycle Center on 210 Holt RD.
Eye Glasses

Don't throw your old eye glasses away! These locations will recycle any eye glasses through the Lions Club or other methods.

  • North Andover Senior Center - 120R Main St
  • Parrelli Optical has a Lions Club drop off box in their facility located at 542 Turnpike Street, North Andover. Phone: (978) 975-3435.
  • Andover Optical also collects eye glasses for worthy causes. They are located at 42 Main Street, Andover. Phone: (978) 475-6084.
Furniture & household items

Furniture in GOOD condition can be brought to the following locations -


Appliances in good working condition less than 10 years old can be brought to the following locations -


Most dry cleaners will take these back, and Thrift shops often need them. Here are just a few options:

  • Schools may want metal hangers for art projects.
  • Scout troops as well.
Kitchen Items

Old sheets, blankets and towels: Animal hospitals and the MSPCA will gratefully take these items


Theater groups often need paint for creating their stage sets. 

Bring paint to the Recycle Center on 210 Holt RD (there is a fee per gallon charged) or if you are in need of some paint, you can pick up paint free of charge for your next project. 

Paper, computer

Any paper from a photocopy machine or laser printer that is printed only on one side, can be fed back through your home printer when new (blank on both sides) paper is not required. Header sheets are particularly useful for this purpose...bring them home from the office! Also, try cutting up partially used sheets of paper to make a scratch pad, holding the sheets together with a binder clip.

Plastic bags

Some grocery stores take them back. Here are just a few options: 

  • People’s Pantry and the Andover Thrift Shop are also good places to keep in mind. 
  • Market Basket in N. Andover - Has bucket or barrel in recycling area for plastic bag recycling
  • Stop & Shop in N. Andover - in the can recycle area. 

Better yet... don't bring home any plastic bags!! Keep a canvas bag in the trunk, stuffed with five or six other canvas bags. Always use these at the grocery store, unless you're going to ask for paper bags to hold your paper recycling, which is about 1 in 5 trips to the store!!

Plastic containers

Soup kitchens frequently need these containers for sending food home with people, and for shut-ins. 

Check with your local schools and art programs. Art teachers love these containers

Plastic Laundry Detergent bottles

With their tops cut off and the handles in tact, these can be used as bailers at boating schools.

Styrofoam, formed

Packaging material commonly used around computer equipment, and other electronics.

THE UPS STORE- N. Andover in the Jasmine Plaza on Rte 114 takes all styrofoam 

Styrofoam popcorn and packing peanuts

THE UPS STORE- N. Andover in the Jasmine Plaza on Rte 114 takes all styrofoam, popcorn and packing peanuts. 
You may also try your local Scout troops or Schools for art projects

Styrofoam trays

Art teachers love these! Wash with soap and very hot water

Propane Tanks

Bring them to the Recycle Center on 210 Holt RD. A minimal recycling fee will be charged. Call 978-686-2020 for more into.

Wood scraps

Pro Bark, 39 Turnpike Road, Ipswich, MA 01938
Phone: (978) 356-4770
They can take any scrap wood which is not painted as this material is used as a fuel source and emission standards are picky about burning paint! Nails, spikes, hinges are okay. Remove any metal that is larger than a hinge.

Metal scrap

You may be able to get paid for your scrap metal... check it out! 

N A Nichols Co, 1 Railroad Ave, Amesbury, MA 01913
(978) 388-9639 Hours: 7-12 and 1-4 Mon thru Fri and 7-12 on Sat.
They take almost any kind of scrap metal: steel, brass, aluminum, copper, cast iron, car parts, metal shelving. And even pay you for some kinds of metal.
For a fee of $3 per unit they take appliances without freeon, and they charge $4 per propane tank.
Call them with any questions!