Housing Production Plan

A Housing Production Plan (HPP) is a community's proactive strategy for planning and developing affordable housing by: creating a strategy to enable it to meet its affordable housing needs in a manner consistent with the Chapter 40B statute and regulation.  Click here to access the State's page about HPPs, which contains information about regulations, answers to FAQs, and guidelines about what HPPs should contain.

Completed in 2018 with assistance from the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission (MVPC) and JM Goldson community preservation + planning, the Town of North Andover's Housing Production Plan is intended to be a dynamic, living guide for housing production in North Andover. It should be regularly consulted by the various stakeholders identified in the Housing Action Plan, and used as a tool for planning, especially as new resources become available, legislation is passed, or funding opportunities are created. It is recommended that the Town report regularly on progress achieved to celebrate North Andover’s housing accomplishments.

HPP CoverHousing Production Plan Update (2023/2024)

The Town's current HPP expired in July of 2023.  It is again working with MVPC to develop an updated HPP that will be in effect for another five (5) years.  The Town anticipates that the updated HPP will be complete in early 2024.  Town staff representing the Community and Economic Development Department and Planning Department, as well as the Executive Director of the North Andover Housing Authority have met with MVPC staff to discuss data associated with housing in North Andover in addition to other contributing elements of the plan.

Public Outreach and Engagement  

On October 12, 2023, MVPC hosted a virtual regional forum to discuss housing issues and statistics at the regional level, as well as to inform the public about how updated HPPs are being developed for multiple communities in the region.  There was also a breakout session, specifically for residents of North Andover to learn about housing in North Andover and to seek feedback on development of an updated HPP.

  • Click here to view a slide deck that was presented at the breakout session with North Andover residents
  • Click here to view notes from the breakout session with North Andover residents
  • Click the YouTube video below to view a recording of the full regional meeting (this does not include the breakout session with North Andover residents).