Road and Sidewalk Restoration Project

Gas Impact Area

Gas Emergency Restoration Documents

As a result of Columbia Gas’s disturbance to public roads and sidewalks during the gas emergency and gas restoration last fall, the Town will be undertaking restoration and paving of approximately 15 miles of roadway. Public Works will be responsible for overseeing the road/sidewalk restoration project. The project is estimated to take 4 years, however with good project coordination, a large portion of work will be completed in advance of this time frame.

Road paving selection and schedule will follow a similar objective process as found in our annual Roads Program, however we will be taking a neighborhood approach such that roads in the same vicinity will be grouped/paved together in order to minimize disruptions to residents/businesses. Paving schedule will be heavily weighted on coordination with several ongoing Town/State projects.

While it will take time to develop the complete schedule for all roadwork, we have identified the quadrant on the Kittredge School side of Route 125 as a logical kickoff to the project. A few of the streets in this area were already scheduled to be paved as part of our annual Roads Program, therefore we can complete bids this summer with construction of this area to follow in the fall.

As we move forward with developing the schedule for all roadwork, we will conduct public information meetings to receive input, review alternatives and communicate project plans. As the project progresses, we will also make full use of the Town’s website and social media accounts to provide timely information to residents/businesses. Read more...

columbia restoration map