When is yard waste collection and what is accepted?

Leaves are collected for xx weeks in the Fall, usually in November. The timing is somewhat dependent on the weather and changes each year. Once the exact dates are decided, they will be posted to the DPW General Office page under DPW News.

Our Spring collection for sticks and small branches that have come down over the winter or for spring yard clean up BROWN BIODEGRADABLE YARD BAGS are collected for xx weeks in the SPRING and again the timing is dependent on the weather. The sticks and branches MUST FIT IN THE YARD BAGS. But you should also look to the web site for a PERMIT FREE Dumping times or special additional days out at the Sharpners Pond Road - Cyr Recycle Facility.

For more information about our yard waste drop-off center, please visit the DPW General Office page.

Yard waste is one of the materials that is banned from disposal at incinerators and landfills, which is why we have set up programs to keep it out of the trash. Composting our yard waste either at the Cyr Recycling Center, or in our own back yards just makes sense. For more information see Massachusetts State Waste Bans, and our Town Bylaws about trash disposal.