How to Apply for Funding


CPA projects must specifically address the following areas:

  • Acquisition, creation, preservation, or rehabilitation and restoration of open space,
  • Acquisition, preservation, or rehabilitation and restoration of historic resources,
  • Acquisition, creation, preservation, or rehabilitation and restoration of recreational land
  • Acquisition, creation, preservation, support, or restoration and rehabilitation of community housing

Learn more about eligibility for Community Preservation Act funds

Applicants are strongly encouraged to bring in their project idea anytime throughout the year in order for the Committee to give guidance.

Please keep in mind there are legal limitations on what CPA funds can be used to support.


  • Each project should be located in the Town of North Andover.
  • Each project must be submitted on the Community Preservation Committee Project Submission Sheet (this form).
  • Requests should be within a 5-year period from FY 2022 to FY 2026.
  • Requests must include the purpose & need for the item and must be documented with appropriate support.
  • Applicant should obtain quotes for project costs whenever possible.  If not, cost estimates may be used provided the basis of the estimate is fully explained.
  • If request is part of a longer-term project, include the total project cost. If there are multiple sources of funding for the project, please include all of the sources (including sweat equity).
  • For Departments, Boards or Committees that have multiple project requests, prioritize projects.
  • Requests must be received by Friday, February 5, 2021 to be considered for recommendation at the 2021 Annual Town Meeting.

Please keep in mind there are legal limitations on what CPA funds can be used to support.

If you are in doubt about your project’s eligibility, please submit it so we have the opportunity to review it. Thank you for your interest in preserving our community!

The North Andover Community Preservation Committee


Funds collected under the Community Preservation Act can only be invested in certain community preservation projects: open space, historic preservation, affordable housing, and land for recreational use. In addition, at least 10% of the funds received in any fiscal year must be allocated for each of the first three of those areas (open space, historic preservation, and affordable housing). The remaining 70% of each year's funds can be spent in any of the four areas as determined by North Andover (ultimately at Town Meeting).

Community Preservation Funds cannot be used for maintenance or used to supplant funds being used for existing community preservation purposes. In addition, up to 5% of annual Community Preservation revenues can be spent on administrative and operating expenses of the Community Preservation Committee.