Support Services

High School Girls Group: Our Support Services Coordinator runs one high school girls group per trimester geared towards females who may benefit from additional social/emotional support. Grade level and area of focus for the groups vary, and are determined by Youth Center and high school staff based on determined need. Groups in the past have focused on stress management, conflict resolution, decision making, relationship issues, goal setting and future planning, and more. Groups meet once a week during the school day, on a rotating basis so students don’t miss the same class multiple times. If you would like your child to be included in a girls group, contact her guidance counselor or Brenna Carney

Middle School Boys Groups: Our Support Services Coordinator, in collaboration with North Andover Middle School faculty, runs two support groups for middle school boys. These groups have a vocational training component, either food service or entrepreneurship, as well as a processing/counseling component. The goal of group is for boys to make connections and build relationships with adults in the school and community, while also building skills and highlighting their talents to encourage good behavior and build self-esteem. If you would like your child to be included in a boys group, contact his guidance counselor or Brenna Carney

Middle School Girls Groups: Our Support Services Coordinator runs a middle school girls group for each grade level each trimester. Groups run one day per week during a related art period. We use games, activities, and open discussion to broach topics such as stress management, organization strategies, friendship issues, self-esteem and self-image, goal setting, emotions, and other topics relevant to middle school students. If you would like your child to be included in a girls group, contact her guidance counselor or Brenna Carney

Youth Outreach & Mentorship: The Youth Center staff provides support and guidance to youth in North Andover through outreach and mentorship. Meetings between youth and staff may happen at school, at the Youth Center, or out in the community. The purpose of these meetings is to build positive relationships between youth and a trusted adult, and to be an additional source of support for anyone who may need it. If you are interested in outreach or mentorship for your child, please contact Brenna Carney.

Juvenile Diversion: Juvenile Diversion is a non-criminal disposition finding alternative means for youth rather than going through regular court process. Alternatives to court might include counseling, community service, and/or restitution. Eligible juveniles are between the ages of 7 and 17. Diversion is only for first time offenders, and is made on the recommendation of the arresting officer. 

Parent Awareness Programs: Youth & Recreation Services, in collaboration with local agencies sponsors on-going parent programs . If there are programs you would like to see please contact Rick Gorman.

Family And Peer Mediation Services:  Our support services staff are often called upon to act as mediators for family or peer issues.The staff at Youth & Recreation Services are trained mediators.

Holiday Drives: North Andover Youth & Recreation Services, with help from local residents and businesses, supply families in need of assistance with Thanksgiving meals and holiday gifts. Each year NAYRS is able to provide over 85 families with full Thanksgiving meals and almost 300 children with holiday gifts. More information about our holiday drives can be found here.

Resource Guide: North Andover Youth & Recreation Services provides an information and referral guide for local therapists and counselors. You can view the Resource Guide here, updated September 2017.  It has also been made available to the Elementary, Middle, and High School Guidance Counselors. If you would like to add your agency or practice to our 2018 guide, or if you have any questions regarding our guide, please contact Brenna Carney