Kindness Rocks Project

Our Story

By: Kayla Dow, Alex Parsons, Taylor Parsons and Eric Dow

Kindness Rocks NA

The first time this group heard about the Kindness Rocks Project, Kayla and Alex were at a beach in Yarmouth Port, Cape Cod, and Kayla saw something out of the corner of her eye. It was a pile of decorated rocks painted with inspirational quotes on them, with a board stating "Take a rock for inspiration, make a rock for motivation. One rule: be kind." They researched the Kindness Rocks Project and were inspired to bring it home to North Andover!

In summer of 2016, they visited Demi at the Youth Center with a proposal. After getting Demi on board, they also spoke at a Board of Selectmen meeting, and their Kindness Rocks Project was approved for the flagpole between the YC and Drummond Park!

Since then, the Youth Center's leadership groups have been contributing rocks, along with adults and kids in town. 

We invite NA residents to check out the Youth Center flagpole. Take a rock that inspires you, and paint your own rock to inspire someone else!

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Kindness Rocks North Andover

Kindness Rocks na

Kindness Rocks