"Youth Centered" Podcast

youth centeredThe YC has embarked on a podcast, to bring depth and insight to topics facing our youth today. Each week, Youth Services Director Rick will dive into a subject, chatting with people who have an interest and passion in the health, happiness, and success of North Andover's youth.
Thank you to Susan of North Andover CAM for help and guidance in bringing our podcast to fruition. Comments and questions can be sent to Rick at rgorman@nayouth.com.

Youth Centered Episodes

Episode 1: Teen Anxiety ft. NAYRS Support Services Coordinator, Laura Stevens

Episode 2: Resilience ft. Aisha Valdez 

Episode 3: Youth Achievement ft. NAHS seniors Maggie Mottolo and Chim Ogwuru

Episode 4: Building Culture ft. NAHS teacher and coach, Andy Van Horn

Episode 5: #EveryKidCounts - Summer 2018 ft. NAYRS Assistant Director, Demi Tetrault

Episode 6: Networking, Collaboration, and the Power of Bruce ft. JNHYC Board President, Frank Kenneally

Episode 7: Changing the World One Day at a Time ft. "The Movement Family" founder, Michael Gorman

Episode 8: Service Learning ft. NAHS junior Katie Murdoch

Episode 9: Inspiring Inclusivity ft. NAMS Special Education teacher, Kate DeLisle

Episode 10: Growing Up ft. North Andover native, John Boudreau

Episode 11: The Legacy of Tim Roberts ft. Tim's mother, Pat Roberts

Episode 12: The Evolving Middle School Student ft. NAMS Assistant Principal, Cheryl Raimondo

Episode 13: The Jewel of NA: Stevens Pond ft. Pond Director, Kelly Wray

Episode 14: Being a First Year Teacher and Other Reflections ft. former YC staff member Jimmy Warden

Episode 15: Summer Fun: the Untold Story ft. Rick Gorman, NAYRS Director

The above episodes link to Podbean, but you can also find our iTunes channel here!

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