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Mito Classic History: From Birthday Party to Fundraiser!

North Andover High School students, Jack Pascucci and Mikey Harty had always cherished their long-standing street hockey birthday party tradition that started when the boys were in kindergarten.  The tradition was continued, but by sixth grade the boys had outgrown their annual party.

Sadly, the following year was the year that Mikey lost his little brother Matthew to mitochondrial disease.  Feeling helpless and wanting to help, Jack and his family decided they would bring back the "Jack & Mikey Birthday Classic" as the Matthew Harty Mito Classic, to support the Matthew Harty Camper Fund which was launched in Matthew's honor.

The Matthew Harty Camper Fund allows children with mitochondrial disease to attend summer camp and provides scholarships for North Andover High School seniors, as well as college students battling mitochondrial disease. 

The 6th Annual Matthew Harty Mito Classic was held at the North Andover Youth Center, with help from Junior/Senior Youth Council! Thank you to everyone who helped maked the 2019 Matthew Harty Mito Classic the most successful yet!

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