Ropes Course

To book a program in the Ropes Course, please contact Ryan Chasse of Element Adventures by email at or by phone at 603-203-9011. Ryan Chasse will contact you with his availability and potential dates. Bookings need to made at least one month in advance. 

North Andover Youth & Recreation Services provides challenging, but fun programs that foster individual and team growth in a safe environment.

RopesInstructionWhat is a Challenge Course Facility?
Rope, cable, giant staples, and lumber are the building blocks for a challenge course. When carefully assembled they become the elements of the high and low challenge course. Each set of elements is designed to provide specific experiences for groups that highlights: teamwork, leadership,  problem solving, goal setting, conflict management, communication, and risk-taking. 

North Andover Youth & Recreation Services owns and operates a state of the art high and low challenge course located in 50 acres of the town forest of North Andover, Massachusetts.   This stunning course receives yearly inspections by North East Adventures, LLC.

Our staff is trained in challenge course management and first aid. They are highly energetic individuals who have a passion for experiential education and are dedicated to creating programs which meet the goals of our clients. Ryan Chasse, who manages our course, is trained in challenge course management.

Low Challenge Course: The low challenge course supports problem solving activities. Success on the course does not depend on strength and fitness. Instead, individual success depends on a willingness to try something new and an ability to work  cooperatively to solve problems. Elements are designed to create a sense of accomplishment while individuals tackle the challenges presented. Facilitators are trained to handle all aspects of group dynamics, encouraging self-discovery and meaningful interactions.

HighRopesHigh Challenge Course: Something happens when a person is no longer earth bound. The excitement of tackling a series of elements suspended 20-40 feet in the air while wearing a helmet and harness attached to a rope can be life transforming. The high elements allow participants, individually  or in pairs, to stretch their limits and take a controlled risk by relying on  teammates to secure the rope and verbally encourage them. Individual success on the high challenge course is measured simply by the thrill of experiencing the activity.

Who Benefits from a Challenge Course? 

  • HighRopes2School and Religious Groups
  • Recreational Groups
  • Business Groups
  • Rehabilitation Groups
  • Camps
  • Birthday Parties
  • Special Needs Populations

How long does the program run?
A one day program generally runs 6-7 hours. We also run ongoing programs that may run for months.

Is there a limit to group size?
Challenge courses are most beneficial when working with a small group of 8-15 participants. We can be flexible to meet the needs of larger or smaller groups.

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