Social Activities

Outdoor Games

With 4 acres around us, our members never get bored with everything our outside space has to offer. In addition to traditional recreation (like soccer and football), we have a variety of crowd favorites on our property. We're known for our popular tetherball poles, Gaga Pit, outdoor ping pong table, and permanent cornhole game!


Collab Day Contests

With so many collab days throughout the year, different activities have been run by our Social Programs Coordinator, Kyle. Along with the always popular Half-Court shot competition, he has started a skills competition, three-point contests, and even a dodgeball tournament. "I love seeing the competitive nature of the kids beyond their 1-on-1 basketball games for fun. They get to compete as individuals to be the best of the best. They also get to cheer on their peers in the final rounds of tournaments, it keeps them engaged and they have a lot of fun!"

Drew F half court

Beach Volleyball

Our Beach Volleyball pit is a great spot for pick-up games of Volleyball and Nukem Knockout, which is a crowd favorite with our middle school population!



During the school year, you can usually find Lauren running a weekly Yoga class for our middle school members in the Multi-Purpose Room. This has been a great way for our middle school boys and girls to de-stress from a school day, and work on our flexibility, strength, and mental health.


Youth Center Classes

Periodically through the year, the Youth Center offers a wide variety of classes, such as art, First Aid/CPR, cooking, weight lifting, kickboxing, volleyball, yoga, boot camp, self defense and many more.

Cultural Cooking

Turkey Toss

Every Wednesday before Thanksgiving we hold the annual Turkey Toss.  Modeled after the KISS 108 Turkey Toss students pair up to see how far they can throw and catch the 10 pound turkey.

turkey toss

8th Grade Dress-Up Dance

Every January we hold our annual 8th grade dress-up dance. All North Andover residents that are in the 8th grade are welcome to come to this special event. There is plenty of food, music and you get to see all of our boys and girls dressed to the nines. 

8th grade semi