Community Service Programs

S.R.O. - We have several nationally certified School Resource Officers.

Email: Juvenile Officer Kara Caffrey

Bicycle Helmets for $8 - ANSI and ATSM certified helmets are available in sizes to fit toddlers, school age children and adults. Massachusetts law requires that children 12 and under must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. See Sgt. Michael Davis at the police station for more information.

Email: Chief Charles Gray

Free Child Safety Seats Inspections - Officer Kara Caffrey certified by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration and the American Automobile Association Instruction on proper installation into your vehicle is also available by calling or e-mailing for an appointment.

Email: Officer Kara Caffrey

Traffic Safety Concerns and requests for traffic signs should be in writing and sent to Officer Mark Wilson. We will investigate your request and contact you at that time.

Email: Officer Mark Wilson

Speaking Requests - We are available to speak on safety issues. Contact Lieutenant Eric J Foulds

Email: Detective Lieut. Eric J. Foulds

Student Police Academy - Twice each year in the spring and the fall, officers in the department teach a 10 week course for high school students. Students learn about the many facets of police work. Included is a field trip and an opportunity to ride in a cruiser for part of a shift. For more information and to register, contact the Criminal Investigations Division

Email: Lt. Eric J Foulds, or Juvenile Officer Kara Caffrey

Resist Aggression Defense (RAD) - A state and federal grant allows us to offer this free 16 hour self defense course several times each year. Classes are held in the evening and on weekends. The Rape Aggression Defense System is dedicated to teaching women defense concepts and techniques against various types of assault, by utilizing easy, effective and proven self-defense and martial arts tactics. Supervised by Officer Kate Knab, our four person team will provide a woman with the knowledge to make an educated decision about resistance. Contact Officer Katherine Knab

Email: Officer Kara Caffrey

R.A.D Kids - Child program for youths ages 5-12

Email: Officer Kara Caffrey

Juvenile Unit - The detectives and school resource officers will assist families with problems regarding youth, alcohol, Internet safety and other matters concerning our youth.

Email: Officer Kara Caffrey, or Officer Fredy Almanzar

Sexual Assault Unit - Officers assigned to this unit are state certified as sexual assault investigators. They work in conjunction with District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett and their primary concern is for the victims and their welfare. All information provided is strictly confidential.

Email: Detective Daniel Cronin

Explosives Detection Canine - Abstract from Deborah Dassler, ATF Special Agent, Canine Handler.

"People have long recognized the extraordinary ability of canines to be trained to perform many tasks. This ability has made canines well suited to locating things, including, but not limited to, termites, cadavers, cancer and explosives and more.

The use of canines to find explosives is not new. These specialty-trained canines often are referred to as "bomb dogs" and are typically only thought to respond to bomb threats or to perform security sweeps. However, there is a different class of explosives detection canines, of which many are unaware. The explosives detection canine teams are exposed to a variety of types of searches, including

As a result of the overall training program, an Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) explosives detection canine team can be utilized in a variety of circumstances. The teams are exposed to a variety of searches including those of vehicles, warehouses, residences, schools, aircraft, people, fields, buried caches, clothing, boxes and mail."

Further questions can be addressed to K-9 Officer Eric Sewade at the Police Station.