Health and Safety Programs

North Andover Senior Center Health and Safety Programs

For more information on these programs please contact the No Andover Senior Center at 978-688-9560.

TRIAD: The TRIAD program’s Mission is to develop and implement policies and programs to reduce criminal victimization, promote crime prevention and safety awareness, and serve the needs of the senior community. The group meets on the 3rd Tuesday at 11:00 AM every month at the Center.

Yellow Dot Program: Your photograph and your medical history, such as prescriptions, allergies and contact information that you supply us with will be put on a card to be kept in your glove compartment. A Yellow Dot sticker will be placed in your vehicle’s rear window to alert medical personnel to the presence of the information in case of emergency.

Photo ID Program: This program provides seniors with a no-cost identification card for use locally or while traveling. It is issued by the city or town’s Council on Aging and most often used as a second form of identification. Check with the Senior Center for more information on obtaining this service.

File of Life Program: This program provides Police, Fire and EMS with essential information for securing the most accurate medical treatment in the event of an emergency in the home. File of Life Cards are available in wallet form and as a refrigerator magnet pouch. Check with the Senior Center for more information on obtaining this service.

Benefits CheckUp: This program will help seniors identify federal and state benefits they may be eligible to receive. Questionnaires are available at the Senior Center or can be completed online here.

Is Your House Number Up? – A house numbering initiative that assists the Police, Fire and EMS in their efforts to respond quickly to 9-1-1 emergency calls.