In keeping with the departments overall vision, the training division is committed to providing the best and most comprehensive training available to all North Andover Fire Department personnel thereby assuring the citizens of North Andover that they will receive the very best customer service available in their time of need.

Very few professions can be considered as dynamic as the fire service; in the past twenty years we have seen such a remarkable change in the overall approach to firefighting that our predecessors would hardly recognize it. While our profession has seen a decline in building fires during this time period, we have also seen a dramatic rise in responses to incidents such hazardous materials releases, motor vehicle accidents, technical rescues, industrial accidents as well as a dramatic rise in emergency medical calls. While most sectors of our society have worked to make their products safer and more user friendly, this has not always translated to safety in the fire service. Building practices best speak to that point in that houses and commercial buildings today are not built to withstand the rigors of fire and this has contributed too many firefighter deaths and injuries annually.

All these possible scenarios have led to an unprecedented commitment to training by North Andover Fire Department’s talented and dedicated members. Maintaining proficiency in our most common types of calls requires members to train in up to date techniques for emergency medical response as well those involving building fires of all types.

While maintaining basic skills is a top priority for North Andover’s firefighters, so is training for high risk low frequency events such as a hazardous materials spills, confined space rescues, multiple motor vehicle extrications and terrorist bombings. The manner in which fire departments manage emergency incidents has changed significantly in the wake of September 11, now all agencies nationwide are required to follow the National Incident Management System. The National Incident Management System, NIMS, is designed to provide responders from all over the country the tools to integrate with any other agency that may be part of a response for a seamless transition. NIMS place a focus on common terminology and definitions so that all parties involved are speaking the same language.

As we move forward, our focus is on maintaining those skills necessary for our everyday incidents, as well as preparing for those high risk low frequency events.  While our training must focus on giving our firefighters the tools necessary for the here and now, we are also trying to stay ahead of the curve and train for the future as well, cultivating the future leaders of the fire service will become and remain a priority ensure quality service well into the future. 

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Long Lug OutDowned FirefighterIce Rescue
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Propane EmergenciesAir OperationsFlashover