Please see the list of online permits below.

Annual Fire Alarm Disabling Permit (FP-006)(Formerly known as Box Plugging Permit) For technicians who work on any fire protection systems per MGL 148 Ch 27A
Battery Systems ESS Permit (FP-006)For storage and use of battery storage systems as regulated by 527 CMR Table and Table 52.3.1
Blasting Permit (FP-006) 
Burning Permit 
Fire Alarm Permit (FP-006)For contractors who will be performing work on existing commercial or residential low voltage fire alarm and/or CO systems as regulated by MGL 148 sec 27A and 527 CMR.
Fireworks Display Supervised (FP-027) or Special Effects (FP-O27A) 
Flammable and/or Combustible Storage Permit (FP-006)Flammable/combustible solids, liquids and/or gases storage and use permit
Healthcare Occupancy Fire InspectionFor annual, quarterly or initial inspection for healthcare occupancy such as nursing homes, doctors offices, adult day care, etc.
Home Sale Certificate of Compliance (26F)Smoke and CO detector inspection for home sales: for issuance of 26F/26F 1/2 certificate for the sale of a residence
Hot Work Permit (FP-006) 
Installation or Alteration of Fuel Oil Burning Equipment (FP-056) 
LP Gas Installation/Removal Permit (FP-006) 

Mulch Storage in Excess of 300 Yards Permit (FP-006)

Permit to Process Hazardous Materials (FP-300) 
Sprinkler Permit (FP-006)For minor modifications and repairs of installed sprinkler systems. For new buildings or major renovations apply to the Building Dept. through the building permit associated with the project.
Standard Permit (FP-006)Apply here for permits not included in one of the other categories. FD has the right to refuse FP-006 applications that should have been filed under appropriate category. In such instances, the applicant will need to refile in the appropriate category.
Underground Fuel Storage Tank Removal Permit (FP-292)For steel underground storage tank removal and transportation to approved tank disposal yard in accordance with the provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 148, Section 38, 527 CMR 1.00 Section
Unvented Propane or Natural Gas Fired Space Heater (FP-006) 

We are not currently accepting in-person, paper, email or mail fire permit applications. Please contact the Fire Prevention Office for any issues with filing for fire permits using the online portal.  At that point we could maybe make arrangements for a hardship on a case by case basis. Thanks in advance

If you have any questions please contact 978-688-9590 for assistance.