Past Projects



Carter Hill Carter Hill Carter Hill

Funded in 2001

Located off South Bradford Street, Carter Hill is 27 acres of land in the Lake Cochichewick Watershed Area. The site was ranked #1 by the North Andover Open Space Committee in terms of watershed protection, proximity to existing open space, development risk, unique aesthetic/historical significance, and highly valued wetland/wildlife habitat. The hill has one of the few hilltop/ farmland vistas in North Andover not yet impacted by development. Carter Hill directly abuts the Mazurenko Farm Conservation Area , Barker Farm, and PRD Open Space associated w/ Hickory Hill and Settler’s Ridge Subdivisions. A perfect choice for connecting trails in North Andover. The project funding also included a $250,000 State Open Space Grant. The Trust for Public Land assisted the Town with the acquisition process.

Carter Hill has a parking area and is open to all residents to enjoy.


Half Mile Hill Half Mile Hill Half Mile Hill

Funded in 2002

Located off Osgood Street behind Edgewood Farm, between Osgood and Weir Hill, Half Mile Hill is 37+ acres with 600’ of frontage on Lake Cochichewick. This site has spectacular views of the lake, surrounding farms, hills and woodlands. Half Mile Hill was listed as High Priority for land protection in Open Space and Recreation Plan. The Trust for Public Land assisted the Town with the acquisition process. The project funding also included a $250,000 State Open Space Grant as well as approximately $150,000 of private fundraising.

Half Mile Hill has parking nearby and is open to all residents to enjoy.


Half Mile Hill Summit Half Mile Hill Summit Half Mile Hill Summit

Funded in 2004

Located behind Edgewood Farm off Osgood Street, the 30-acre Half Mile Hill Summit property has more than 280 feet of frontage on Lake Cochichewick, North Andover’s sole source of drinking water. This property abuts the Half Mile Hill property purchased in 2002. The steep hillside property, which connects two town-owned parcels of protected open space, Osgood Hill and Half Mile Hill (also known as the Mary Charles land), provides spectacular view of the lake and surrounding farms, hills and woodlands. Owned by Michael L. Kettenbach, the land has long been North Andover’s top priority for watershed protection. The Trust for Public Land assisted the Town with the acquisition process.

Half Mile Hill Summit has parking nearby and is open to all residents to enjoy.



Stevens Estate Stevens Estate Stevens Estate

Copper Gutters and Rainspouts
Funded in 2002

The Stevens Estate at Osgood Hill, a Town-owned historic building, obtained CPA funds for the replacement of historic copper gutters and downspouts in order to preserve the historic exterior and interior finishes.

Water Service and Sprinklers
Funded in 2003

CPA funds were used to install new water service to the building and subsequent sprinklers for fire protection needs. New water service will upgrade the existing inadequate fire protection system.

Fire Protection System
Funded in 2004

CPA funds were requested to design and build a fire protection system as required by the Fire Department. This project will help make the Estate safer and allow the use of the third floor allowing this important historic to continue to flourish.

Gate House Restoration
Funded in 2005

CPA funding will restore the Gate House, originally built in 1886, located at the entrance to the property. Proposed restoration work includes interior work, exterior work and key building system rehabilitation work. Upon completion of the restoration, the preserved structure will be able to be used as a residence, office space or part of the Estate operations.

Plant House Restoration
Funded in 2005

CPA funding will restore the Plant House, built in 1886, and located adjacent to the parking lot. Proposed restoration work includes exterior repairs to stabilize the brick building and replacing the interior floor decking. The building currently is used for storage and may provide additional program space when preservation is complete.


Stevens Memorial Library

Phase I
Funded in 2003

The North Entry of the Stevens Memorial Library is the most historic façade of our Town’s library. CPA funding will restore the brickwork, waterproof the area, and preserve the lampposts and limestone capstones.

Phase II
Funded in 2004

As the final phase of the Front Entry Repair Project, CPA funding will rebuild the front granite steps as well as restoration work of the Barrel Vault wall supporting the stairway structure.


Town Hall Renovation Project

Funded in 2002

Jointly funded with the town’s Capital Improvements funds and a State CDBG grant to remove physical barriers, completion of renovations to historic Town Hall is anticipated by early Spring 2005. Exterior restoration includes repointing bricks, and installing thermally efficient windows and doors. New elevator, storage vault, and building systems brings the building’s interior into compliance with current codes. New construction and entrance at the rear of the building allows for more efficient use of office space.


Town Common Historic Restoration Project Town Common Historic Restoration Project

Funded in 2003

Using the Master Plan for the Old Center Common as a base, proposed CPA funding will implement the schematic design elements detailed. The plan includes restoring the monument setting, and creating a new setting for the relocated flagpole at Mass. Ave/Osgood Street corner. Walkways will connect both features, which will contain granite posts and historic sign panels. A new walkway will re-establish the old roadway route. New plantings of evergreen and deciduous trees are also proposed throughout the Common.


Restoration of the Old Burying Ground

Funded in 2002

Completion of 15-yr effort to restore and reset historic gravestones of our Town’s founders. Dead and diseased tree and poison ivy removal has been completed. Seasonal work resumes with this 2-3 year project. Treatment schedule includes mapping, freeing fragmented stones from tree roots, casting bases, adhesive repair, alignment and washing. Approximately 15 markers completed. CPA and NA Historical Commission wishes to acknowledge the DPW assistance and the NA Improvement Society for their donation towards tree removal.


Machine Shop Village

Historic Streetscape Improvement Master Plan
Funded in 2004

Located near downtown, Machine Shop Village, a National Register of Historic Places resource, is one of two historic districts in Town. The project will fund landscape architecture master planning services, including an inventory and assessment of existing conditions, and a streetscape improvement plan. The plan would include public participation and provide recommendations for improvements that would be consistent with the historic nature of the district.

Phase I
Funded in 2005

CPA funding is part of a larger neighborhood improvement effort to restore the streetscape of this historic district which will also enhance the adjacent commercial district. Historic streetscape improvements would also address pedestrian safety and traffic calming measures. The proposed funding would include installation of concrete sidewalks, granite curbing, crosswalks, trees, signage and sidewalk markers. This funding request follows recommendations based on the Machine Shop Village Master Plan which included extensive public participation over the past year.


North Parish Church Steeple and Foundation Restoration

Funded in 2004

Located in the Old Center, North Parish Church is one of the Town’s most visible and photographed historic landmarks. The building served as the town meetinghouse for North Andover. The Town vote approving the split from Andover, thereby creating North Andover, was held in this historic building in 1855. The proposed funding will contribute to a Parish effort to preserve the 1836 steeple tower and foundation. Steeple work includes replacement of rotted tower posts, resupport of Paul Revere bell bearings and pillowblocks, and restoration of balustrades. Foundation work includes realignment of four pilasters, reconstruction of front steps, and repointing mortar to prevent further water damage. As a condition of the proposed funding the CP Committee will receive a Historic Preservation Restriction in order to protect the Town’s investment in this historic landmark.


Scholfield Mill Site Restoration

Funded in 2003

The Scholfield Mill site, which contains the Thrift Store, contains remnants of the original mill stone and historic foundation elements. Proposed CPA funding will assist volunteer labor in clearing the site of overgrown brush, and make the site more accessible and restore the field.


Funded in 2004

First of a multi-year proposal to establish a Records Management Program that will include scanning, records retention, and preservation of Town records dating to1861. Prior to relocation to new Town Hall vaults, records and books would be cataloged and restored including deacidification , reinforcement of paper, and resewn, as appropriate. This project is a cooperative effort with the North Andover Historical Commission and North Andover Historical Society.



Funded in 2005

A Planned Production Plan (PPP) is an affordable housing plan which lays out a long-term strategy for North Andover to address affordable housing needs. The use of a consultant is needed due to the comprehensive housing knowledge and experience that a housing consultant would offer to the Town.

After the consultant-created plan is certified by the state, the Town is able to control Ch.40B Comprehensive Permit applications if the Town meets its planned production of affordable units requirement of creating 3/4 of 1% units of the Town’s housing stock. For North Andover, that means if in any given year the Town creates or approves approx. 75 affordable housing units, then the Town’s potential denial of a 40B development may be considered “consistent with local needs”.

A consultant was selected in the fall of 2005, and will likely complete the plan in spring 2006. For more information on the plan, see the Community Development and Services Office.


Funded in 2005

A First-Time Homebuyers Program will assist income eligible qualified prospective homeowners in purchasing their first home while allowing the Town to explore counting such units towards its affordable housing inventory. Administered by the Community Development and Services office, the CPA funding will train and educate Town employees on how to administer the program and fund approximately 10 qualified applicants. This program will be similar to other programs currently existing in other towns, such as Peabody, Newton and Gloucester.

In the event that the PPP includes this program as a recommended action, details of the proposed program will be finalized upon completion in 2006. The program will be set up to have a local preference for applicants with strong North Andover ties. Program details will consider the use of deed restrictions to maintain affordability on funded units. Qualified applicants will likely undergo a comprehensive ion review and complete a RECREATION USE.


Sharpner's Pond Recreational Area Sharpner's Pond Recreational Area

Soccer Fields
Funded in 2003

The proposed CPA funding for the rehabilitation of the Sharpner’s Pond Field will create a larger playing area, allowing both fields to be rotated, thus preserving the site for future recreation fields. In addition, the proposed funding will create a small practice field.

Baseball Fields
Funded in 2004

The proposed CPA funding for the rehabilitation of the Sharpner’s Pond Fields will change the layout of Field #2 to correct drainage problems that currently exist on the left side of the infield and address safety concerns, specifically the limited vision of the batters and catchers caused by the setting sun during the early evening. Relocate and rotate the infield area from the current location to an area that is currently the far end of the right field foul line. The proposed funding also includgarding the field, installing clay and sod.


Funded in 2003

The Drummond Field, located adjacent to the Youth Center, contains old and inadequate lighting to meet the demands of recreation time. Proposed CPA funding will remove the old lighting poles from within the field and install new lighting along the exterior of thes donations from other recreational groups.


Grogan Playground

Funded in 2004

CPA funding for the Grogan Playground, located at Grogan Field, will contribute to a community effort to create a new neighborhood playground. The proposed funding will be used to purchase and install playground equipment. This project will also utilize donated funds and donated labor. If you are interesting in volunteering time, money, and/or muscle strength to help build this playground, please contact Joyce Smith at 978.257.2163.